Email marketing

Email has a much longer life cycle than social networks

A golden opportunity to connect with your users. personalized and ultra-segmented your lists and messages to build confidence, improve management capacity and increase reach.
  • 70% of the users of the network understand the electronic mail at least once a day. The electronic mail works at all times within the information of content marketing vs Inbound Marketing.
  • Email marketing has one of the highest ROI or return on investment rates than the rest of the digital marketing strategies available today.

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Email Marketing is an excellent communication channel in which we offer quality content of interest to our users, to convert them into future customers.

Marketing strategy
Good segmentation and communication is key to our strategies
Monitoring and reports
Optimize the strategies that lead us to convert Leeds into future customers.
Template design
Professional quality templates, created to captivate the user.
Campaign management
Configure, segment and manage the processes of the campaign.

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